Page 1: Final consultation: Common NOS

Hello, I hope that you are well and keeping safe.  The World is a very different place at the moment to when we started consulting on these NOS and many thanks to those who have taken part in this consultation to date.

Following a series of working group meetings in Birmingham, Manchester, Aberdeen, Grangemouth and online using Zoom, we have updated the engineering construction industry NOS suites.  

This is the final consultation on the Common NOS suite.  This is a set of 5 NOS which, together, cover core knowledge and skills needed for engineering craft and technicians to carry out their occupation safely and effectively.  They cover risk, working safely, communication, diversity and inclusion, following procedures, using digital technology and information and environmental sustainability.

These NOS are imported into each of the NOS suites for ECI craft and technician.  Please review as many NOS as you can. 

Thank you in advance for your support and input - this is invaluable to helping us make sure these NOS are fit for purpose.  

kind regards, Catherine Lambert